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Rose1Rosemarie creates exquisite hand thrown pottery which is more reminiscent of china than pottery. It is this fineness that gives people such enjoyment using it. The distinctive powder blue glaze is uplifting and fits into every home and lifestyle. All the pots in her range come in plain blue or blue with jade. Because they are made from stoneware clay and fired to 1300 degrees they are perfect to use in the dishwasher, oven and microwave.

Rosemarie’s background is in design which shows in her work. The simple line and full form of her shapes have been influenced by ancient eastern artists as well as inspired by nature and the surrounding woodlands of Castlecomer Estate Yard and Discovery Park.

Having trained in the Crafts Council of Ireland’s world renowned pottery skills course, Rosemarie graduated with the Student of the Year award. She worked as a production potter in some of Ireland’s leading pottery studios for several years. After this, she worked from the Kilkenny design studios in the Castle Yard where she started to create her own range of tableware. In 2004 she and her husband Andrew Ludick moved to Castlecomer Estate Yard. They set up a workshop together creating their individual ranges as well as collaborative work. In 2006 they opened their beautiful ‘Rosemarie Durr Pottery’ shop where they sell the full range of their work as well as all sorts of gorgeous finds, from aprons to floormats.