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This website complies with EU Cookie Law, by alerting the visitor when they visit for the first time, that cookies are being used.

The privacy of visitors’ information, collected when they visit this website, is of utmost importance. The Cookie Law requires that consent is given by visitors to store and retrieve data in cookie files on the device they are browsing from. Visitors can chose to allow cookies or not. These can be managed in the browser or device settings. uses tracking information to determine which area of the website are visited, logs the approximate location, dates, times of site visits, pages visited, device, operating system and browser using Statcounter services. IP addresses are masked meaning the last octet of the address is hidden. This information is used to analyse how the website is used, improve how the website is designed and to optimise the technologies used to improve page load times. At no time is the information used to identify the website user/visitor.

Where a visitor elects to send a message to the owner of, via the contact form, they may include identifying information. This information will only be used to respond to inquiries regarding the content of the website and pottery by Rosemarie Durr. Emails are archived once read.

If at any time you have questions or concerns about the privacy practices used by this website, please feel free to contact me.

Rosemarie Durr

Shop Policy| Returns | Terms & Conditions

You can read about Terms & Conditions here.

eCommerce Customer Data Retention

This site uses the WooCommerce eCommerce software to process customer’s orders and Stripe as the payment gateway. Payment deatails of the customer are not stored on the website ordering system. Payments and payment details are handeld by Stripe and all comuications between this site and Stripe payment gateway are encrypted during the payment transaction process.

At no time during payment transactions and afterwards when the payment is registered with Stripe are card details displayed. Stripe retains the payment details and only ever reveals the last four digits of the customer card (debit/credit/Master Card/Visa ) to the propietor of this site (Rosemarie Durr) when they are logged into their account on Stripe’s website. 

You can read more about  Stripe’s GDPR policy on their Stripe Privacy Center page.

Storage of Customer’s Data

Any notification that customers receive, regarding their orders from Rosemarie Durr Pottery, will include information regarding their shipping & Billing address with their telephone number. The same applies to the sale notification that the proprietor (Rosemarie Durr) receives.

Addresses and contact information is stored on the orders listing dashboard of this website and can only be accessed by the proprietor (Shop Manager) and administrator of this site.

Customer details are stored with the order information, for the duration of processing the order and, up to two months after the order has been received. After this date the customers billing and shipping address, along with their telephone number, are removed.

Instagram Share Official Button

An Instagram Share widget on this website allows you to share items from this site on Instagram. These requests may track your IP address in accordance with Instagram’s data privacy policy.

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