Kilkenny Arts Festival 2012

by | May 21, 2013 | News Update

Well the Arts Festival is well and truly underway and as usual the MADE in Kilkenny exhibition ‘MADE by hand’ is one of the highlights and yes that’s me on the poster. All of the members were photographed while in the process of making their piece, you can read a little about that making process and see the photos beside the work on show.

These are some of the pitchers I have on show and this is a new glaze ’duck egg green’

A series of beautiful bowls by Andrew Ludick

A close up detail of Mark Camden Bowl

Abes favourite from the show, Aileen-Anne Brannigans stone hedgehogs.

The MADE group also have a shop within the department store Goods on High street, Kilkenny this is only there for two more weeks, above is a photo of the window display I did in honour of the Arts Festival so when in town make sure to check it out as well as the exhibition and pop up shop in Butler House.

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